Company "Environmental" Policy

JDS acknowledges that the business of construction and building has the potential for significant impact on the environment. So as to remain pro-active in regards to environmental impacts the company activities may create, JDS has resolved to implement Environmental Management Protocols and Procedures for all contracts undertaken. This emphasizes the importance JDS attaches to environmental matters. JDS is, and will remain, an environmentally responsible corporate company on all its contractual work.

JDS’ Environmental Management System is based on AS / NZS ISO 14001:2004 and is designed to meet the minimum standards of NSW Government Environmental Management Systems Guidelines.

Notwithstanding this JDS must meet the clients minimum requirements for its contractual work, JDS will always endeavour to continually better, the clients minimum requirements, in its day to day activities in such areas as recycling and the use of environmental sensitive products wherever possible. 

JDS will continue to induct and train its employees and subcontractors in Environmental matters especially in its works inside National Parks, where environmental compromise is unacceptable for whatever reason.
In all JDS contracts especially during its construction activities, JDS stated Environmental goal is to endeavour to stop, or to minimize, any pollution back into the natural Environment (air, noise & water).

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